Monday, April 13, 2020

A Message from the PFBC

As the commission continues to drive home the social distancing message, we'd like to share the following information with you on our website:

In particular, the video at the following link and the graphic below have really resonated:

Thank you in advance for sharing the social distancing message far and wide.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

February 18th Meeting Approaching!

Please join us Tuesday February 18th at the Erie Elks Lodge at 2409 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16506 at 7:00 pm for our regular meeting.  It addition to regular business we will have a presentation from Chuck Keeports, the hydrologist of the Allegheny National Forest.   He will cover some findings from the water quality snapshots. I will give an overview of the main projects he is involved with, which include culverts designed for fish passage and large wood restoration in streams.  Many of these headwater streams have populations of wild brook trout plus some wild brown trout present.  A waitress is available for food or beverages for those who desire.

Several of our members have participated in as volunteers taking water samples for the snapshot days whereby the Forest Service and Penn State are able to gather much more data than would be possible in a day over the entirety of the ANF.  These snapshot days are held on a Tuesday in October and April meeting in Sheffield at the Lions Club.  Jake Lemon is currently asking for volunteers for would like to participate in the April 7th snapshot.  You can contact Jake at or 814-779-3965.  Its a fun day as each party travels to 4-6 streams seeing a chunk of the forest with a member of the Forest Service or Western Pennsylvania Conservency. 

Bill Eckert

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


The Tom Ridge Center is not available this year, so we are actively working to find a new venue to host the event.  That's the reason you haven't heard anything from us so far, but please stay tuned to this page or our Facebook page for more information.  We are hoping to figure all this out within the next week.

If we pull things off, the film will be in March of this year.

Thank you for your understanding.

Monday, November 11, 2019

November 19th Meeting Date

Note:  Chapter Elections were held last month and we have a new chapter president!  So Please welcome Bill Eckert and here is his announcement for this months meeting:

Hi Everyone,

Put it on your calendar.   Our next meeting for the NWPA Chapter will be Tuesday November 19 at the Elks Lodge at 7:00 pm.  We will have a couple of guests.  Bob Hetz of 3CU will update us on what’s happening and give us a little history of how the organization got started.  Hopefully, everyone that doesn’t have a 3CU button for 2019 can pick one up and help support this vital organization, unless of course they have their 2020 buttons available. 

Our primary speaker will be our new regional fish commissioner, Dan Pastore.  Dan and Bob are both members of our chapter and Dan will be touching base with me shortly to let me know what he intends to talk about so we will get that out to you prior to the meeting.

Hope to see many of you there and bring a friend if you can.

Bill Eckert

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Tuesday September 17th Chapter Meeting Date!

Hard to believe summer is winding down already.  Talk of Walleye's will shift to Steelhead, trout will be looking to spawn, and the leaves will be falling.

At this months meeting, we will have an election for the new slate of

President:  Bill Eckert         Vice President:  Jim Head
Treasurer:  Erik Cronk       Secretary:  Bill Glecos
Directors:  Jack Bock, Ric Gilson, Matt Kerr 

Here's a report from Luke Bobnar from the Western PA Conservancy:  On September 9th, WPC and the PA Fish and Boat Commission will begin construction of a fish habitat improvement project on Caldwell Creek in Southwest Township, Warren County, PA. Our goal is to reduce erosion and sedimentation in the watershed, as well as improve angling opportunities. Thirty fish habitat structures are planned to be installed, including multi-log vanes, modified mudsills, rootwad deflectors, log-framed stone deflectors, and random boulders. Jobs volunteers would excel at include moving tools and materials, assisting with log, stone, and rebar placement, as well as seeding and mulching at the end of the project. We plan to come back in the fall for live-staking, and re-plant riparian trees in the heavy equipment disturbance areas in spring, 2020.

 We will be meeting at the red gate on Flat Road, approximately 0.34 miles southwest of the intersection of Flat and Selkirk roads, and
1.25 miles northeast of the intersection of Flat and Dotyville Hill roads near the town of Grand Valley, at 8:00 am on Septmber 9th.
Latitude and Longitude for the meeting location is:

We will proceed to the project site on Caldwell Creek via the private access road at the red gate.
 If you are interested in coming out to volunteer for us, please let me know. Bring a lunch, water, PPE (if you have it), any medications you might need, and anything else you need for a day streamside in moderate proximity to your vehicle.

Luke will also be present at our September 17th meeting to give a talk and more detail on this project.

See you on the 17th!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Stand up for PA's Class A Wild Trout Waters!!!!

For just the third time this decade, Pennsylvania is proposing to formally upgrade a package of 41 Class A streams to “High Quality,” or HQ, which ensures they receive special water quality protections. This is the culmination of a long process. Step 1 is electrofishing streams in search of naturally reproducing trout. Step 2 is pushing for PFBC to list them as wild trout streams; we do this advocacy each quarter. This is Step 3, formal listing as HQ in PA’s regulations.
TU has pushed for these upgrades for several years now, and we want to demonstrate our support by submitting comments in favor. Please follow this link to an Action Alert page for more information and to submit comments. The deadline is May 7.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Kids Fishing Day Slated for Saturday, April 27th

Our chapter is making a donation to help defray the costs of purchasing trout for this event.  Any chapter member who wishes to help participate that day, please email Erik Cronk at

Let's help make this a success!!!