Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Call to Action--Financial Reviewer Needed

TU National is now requiring a position of "financial reviewer" be filled in each chapter.  Essentially, here is what that position does:

1)  Receives a copy of the chapter bank account statements on a monthly basis via email
2)  Confirms the transactions and the amounts on statements bywhat is reported by the Treasurer.
3)  Reports to the Board of Directors any discrepancies in #2

I'd like to have someone step forward who physically makes most meetings we have every year, it will just make the process easier.  That person will need to know how to send and receive email and attachments as this will be the principal lines of communicating with me, the Treasurer, and the Board of Directors.  This would take 5-10 minutes a month, tops, in my estimation.

Please let Chapter President Erik Cronk know if you are interested in filling this position at ecronk@cronkins.com

Thank you.