Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meeting reminder: Tuesday September 16th

When the first meeting notice of the new Chapter year comes out, hate to say it but that means summer is starting to draw to a close.  Things might go into hibernation for the chapter during these last few months but I know a lot of you have been getting out and after it both locally and elsewhere.  Why not send us some pictures to include with the chapter newsletters or better yet if you have photos we can put into a digital slideshow why not be our next chapter presentation?  You can email them to the editor at to arrange.

Due to a scheduling conflict, the student we sent to to the PA Rivers Conservation camp will be speaking at the November meeting.

Would you like to see a link to an area stream's USGS streamflows posted on the chapter webpage?  Send us an email with the stream and we can get it posted!

Chapter member and local dentist Jared Kneib sent in these photos of a trip to "local stream X" reminding us that we have many ample warmwater opportunities nearby and it's not about the trout all the time.  Nice selfie Jared!